June 25, 2010
Meeting called to order at 2 pm by Sharon Schlittenhard.  Present – Sharon Schlittenhard,  Kit Harma, Dave McKibben, Mike Jackets, Gerry Francis, Laura Saunders, Anne Casperson. Guests: Dixon Elder, Mark Spahr

Mike Jackets has officially resigned as treasurer.

 Moved, seconded and passed: to have Dix Elder fill out the balance of Mike Jackets term (until 2012).

Water Company Report
1.  Separating water company --- The Board discussed separatin the Water Company and the Homeowners Association. A separate organization for the water company would have to clearly define the service area and boundaries. Problems with separation in that the separation would disenfranchise people who own property in HHA but don't have water shares.   Separating into a new entity would clarify who is the control of water company, establish policies and disseminate information. 

2.  The water company policy manual.

Moved, second and carried to authorize Mark to buy a new computer to be a tool for the water company.

The existing policy guide adopted by the board in 2004 will be distributed again to board members and readied to be posted on line.

3.  New water shares

Moved,  seconded and passed to assess a non refundable $1000 sign up fee to be on waiting list to purchase water shares to apply to existing and new applicants. 

For those now on list the fee has to be paid within a set period of time.  This sign up fee will then apply to the cost of the water share.  If individual declines purchase of share when it is offered they forfeit their deposit and their place on wiating list.   The board decided that the waiting list will be limited to the total number of shares authorized in comprehensive plan.

4.  Cross connection survey.  The state requires a backflow preventor if there is a boiler in they house  and it must be tested annually by a certified individual. Approved device must be testable and Department of Health regulations under the uniform plumbing code require this connection and testing.  The Water Company has no choice but to require compliance.

5.  Comprehensive plan is still being worked on but will be completed.

6. Water company staffing and management were discussed.  Two new positions --- a data base manager and a business manager will be created, and the water company manager will need to be filled.  Board discussed and approved suggested pay rates for these two positions.  Mark indicated that he wishes to step away from his role as water company manager after the comprehensive plan is finished.  Mark will finish comprehensive plan.  Mark will draft job descriptions for the new positions and the board will discuss the manager at the next meeting.

7.  Newsletter --- water quality report needs to be distributed along with the reminder that it is summer, use water wisely; and alert owners to cross connections requirement.
Continue to look for security for Cook's cove for the Fourth of July.
Moved, second and passed: to set pay treasurer and data base administrator.
Meeting adjourned, 4:30 pm.
Submitted, Laura Saunders, secretary

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