Holiday Hideaway Board Meeting 20100816

Holiday Hideaway Board Meeting
August 16, 2010

Meeting called to order at 6 pm at Gerry Francis's house.  Present were Kit Herma, Gerry Francis, David McKibben, Dix Elder, Anne Casperson, Laura Saunders; Sharon Schlittenhard.  Guest – Mark Spahr.

Water company update

1.  Sale of water share letter --- no new shares can be offered until comprehensive plan is approved.  New shares will be offered to those on current list.  Letter will be sent (certified) to those on current list offering a chance to stay on the list with payment to hold place.  After the current list is offered a chance to hold a place, will be opened up.

2.  High reading of chloride level in September will require retesting.  If the high level is 'real' (not a reading or testing anomaly), will need to alter the order of installing aeration tanks.  Subsequent retesting of each well separately did not confirm the level reported so no further action was required. As a precaution well 5 was shut off and wells 1 and 2 were put on line until further testing could be completed.
Moved, second and passed  that we begin work on one or the other of the aeration tanks as soon as the concept approval is given for the comprehensive plan.

3.  Gerry has been doing survey of water usage between midnight and 4 am  (both pumped and drop from existing level).  Not quite complete but initial results show very low leakage.  Still, however, we are seeing 16-18% difference between water pumped and water sold.  If leakage stays low we may have metering problems.

Tree limbing request
Need to identify which trees are being limbed. Be clear with land owner about her being responsible for proper limbing; does not include topping of trees.  She will responsible for all costs and cleanup within 30 days of limbing.  If clean up isn't done satisfactorily we will have it done and bill her for the work.  

High water usage –
9000 cubic feet went through one owner's meter in July.  The board discussed this extensively and the provisions of the leak adjustment policy will apply --- they will be billed for the entire amount, and then can request an adjustment which the board will consider.   

After this discussed the board asked the water company manager to bring back changes to leak adjustment policy to provide some flexibility for manager to make decisions under $200 and also change default rate to a level higher than basic rate.

Need for more volunteers for Commons Committee

Extra water share not currently attached to any lot.
Board will send letter to owner that tells him he has six months to attach the share to a piece of property or sell it back to the water company.

Cook's Boat Launch request for usage during the boat haul out
County has requested use of our boat launch during the long haul out in the spring.  There would be less frequent than current schedule.  County will provide contract.     Permission only for propane and garbage.  Ask County to send us a proposal what they want to do. laying  out   

Note posting – Laura will work on rewriting notes for posting.

Moved second passed to establish a Regular schedule for board meetings –- once a month on last Sunday morning at 11 am at the library. 

South Shore Road hearing –
Tomorrow morning in Mt. Vernon is a hearing on restoring two way service.

Membership change for the board:  Dix Elder's resignation was accepted and there was discussion about other potential members.

Meeting adjourned at 8 pm.
Submitted by Laura Saunders

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